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CBRE Helps 3 Companies find their Place in Peachtree Corners



6625 The Corners
6625 The Corners, Peachtree Corners, GA 30092

New deals creating jobs and bringing new companies to the area

An office portfolio consisting of three office buildings in Peachtree Corners, Ga., is experiencing growth, according to CBRE First Vice President Heather Lamb. Located in the Technology Park area of Peachtree Corners, the buildings include 6625 The Corners, 5707 Peachtree, and 3585 Engineering Drive. Lamb and Peter McGuone, also of CBRE, lead the leasing and marketing efforts for these buildings.

According to CBRE, “This new surge of activity,” is led by the signing of CarMax at 5707 Peachtree Parkway for more than 38,000 sq. ft. adding even more energy to the already hot Technology Park. The space will utilize more than a third of the building for a customer experience center which will bring more than 300 jobs to Peachtree Corners. 

Market Force Information has decided to expand its global headquarters in the area. The marketing research company settled into almost 23,000 sq. ft.   at 6625 The Corners, expanding its presence in Peachtree Corners by more than 40 percent. 

LS Cable & System U.S.A. opened a new 7,000-sq.-ft. space also at 6625 The Corners, marking its latest expansion into this growth market.

These three recent announcements account for more than 67,000 sq. ft. of office leasing activity and commitments for hundreds of new jobs in Technology Park in Peachtree Corners in 2019.

Landlords and tenants continue to flock to Peachtree Corners for its attractive neighborhood community feel, high quality retail, access to talent, ease of commutes and availability of green space and walking or biking trails.

“Compared to neighboring markets like Central Perimeter or North Fulton, Peachtree Corners has seen relatively moderate Class-A rental rate increases over the last few years,” Lamb said. “This affordability, along with the pro-growth business envirnoment, new retail in the area and presence of affordable housing options make Peachtree Corners an excellent value. Activity is up in Peachtree Corners and we expect the momentum to continue.”   

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Workshop on Solving Complex Business Problems Set for May 22



Innovations Domain

Innovations Domain, LLC is inviting small business owners, startups, and members of the C-suite to the first in a series of workshops on how to become a “problem-first” organization and optimize their business operations. The workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, May 22, 2019, at the Atlanta Tech Park, Technology Parkway, Peachtree Corners, GA.

The workshop, which will run for a few hours, will teach entrepreneurs and VP-level executives how to deal and solve critical and complex strategic and operational problems. This workshop is relevant for organizations struggling to adapt to the age of innovation, where digital disruption, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, and blockchain, among others, are changing the way organizations conduct business.

In a statement, Innovations Domain, LLC says that organizations have to deal with the acceleration, frequency, and convergence of multiple disruptive technologies all at the same time. It added that, as a result, many companies today find it hard to secure, sustain, and scale a steady stream of revenue.

“We would love to hear the stories of business owners and members of the C-suite on the challenges their respective organizations deal with, and more importantly, share with them a way to fix these problems whether they are buyers, sellers, or investors in the equation,” Innovations Domain, LLC chief executive officer Judy Mod said.

During the workshop, Innovations Domain, LLC is expected to share its virtual Problem Incubator, which is designed and structured to help organizations, particularly members of the C-suite, fix strategic business problems and enable their firms to boost their revenue streams. This is a unique and new way of addressing and solving business problems.

The virtual Problem Incubator introduces the concept of acceleration, application, and adoption of innovation. According to Innovations Domain, LLC, the more disruptive the innovation is, the more complex adoption is needed to address or fix the problem.

In fixing a problem, Innovations Domain, LLC prototypes a strategic problem at a time and with full operational responsibility and financial accountability. It tackles a problem through the stages of problem identification, application, qualification, and conversion at an operational and financial level.

Innovations Domain, LLC tackles a wide range of issues and problems confronting businesses today. These include blockchain technology, which is revolutionizing business operations but is risky considering its lack of regulation; cloud storage technology, which can pose security issues; and energy source sustainability, among others.

In the end, Innovations Domain, LLC through its virtual Problem Incubator will show members of the C-suite, as well as small business owners, which strategic business problems need to be fixed in whole or in part by the specific innovation submitted to the incubator. The rest of the desired outcomes include fixing the problem operationally and securing returns.

Registration to the workshop will start at 11 a.m. with lunch to be served from 11:30 to 12:30. Working sessions will begin at lunch with key takeaways to be shared at around 1 p.m.

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Smart Eye Technology Hosts Product Launch Party at Atlanta Tech Park



Smart Eye Technology, a secure document-viewing platform, celebrated its product launch with more than 200 people at Atlanta Tech Park on Tuesday, May 7, 2019. The event featured a live product demo and launch party.

The company, founded by Dexter Caffey, started in January 2018 on the premise that business documents shared on smartphones and other devices should only be viewed by the people they are intended for.

Caffey worked with an Israeli biometrics firm to develop the software, which uses multi-level biometric (iris and facial) identification to verify the proper recipient is viewing a document that is shared online. The technology then continues to analyze who is viewing the document via the camera on the recipient’s device and hides any it if an unauthorized party attempts to get a look at the screen. Smart Eye users can set different profiles for document sharing to allow increased (or decreased) levels of privacy as desired.

“While greater connectivity has made the world a better place, new challenges have come about as a result that make services such as Smart Eye Technology a necessity in the business world,” Caffey said at the event. “Our software and product also show people what new frontiers can be pioneered within the world of technology and beyond,” he said.

About the event itself, Caffey said, “I am over the moon to have the support of hundreds of people given our humble beginnings and ambitious goals for the future.”

“As a seasoned cybersecurity professional with over a dozen patents to my name, I am impressed by the ingenuity and relevance of Smart Eye Technology’s platform,” Robin Bienfait, former Samsung and Blackberry executive, said. Bienfait is the Founder of Atlanta Tech Park, where Smart Eye Technology holds a membership.

For more on Smart Eye, visit www.getsmarteye.com now.

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Peachtree Corners Town Center, the Curiosity Lab, and the upcoming Smart City Expo Atlanta in September.



Prime Lunchtime with Brian Johnson [Podcast]

Our recent podcast on April 24, 2019, was about city news and updates on the City of Peachtree Corners, Georgia with city manager Brian Johnson.

Our main discussion centered around the Peachtree Corners Town Center, the Curiosity Lab, and the upcoming Smart City Expo Atlanta in September.

The city of Atlanta (USA) will host the first edition of Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) in the United States. The event will be held from September 11 to 13 and will be jointly organized by the Mayor of Atlanta’s office, Fira de Barcelona, and the Metro-Atlanta Chamber of Commerce. Smart City Expo Atlanta (SCATL) plans to bring together more than 2,500 attendees, 200 speakers and 50 exhibitors at the Georgia World Congress Center.

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