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Capitalist Sage

Capitalist Sage: MARTA and Business, with Eric Christ and Paige Havens



MARTA Referendum How it Works for Business hosts Karl Barham and Rico Figliolini having a conversation with Eric Christ and Paige Havens looking for their Sage advice and perspective.

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A Hunger for Hospitality



Noble Fin with Cliff Bramble

An interview with Noble Fin owner Cliff Bramble.

Q: How long have you been in the restaurant business?
Cliff Bramble: I’ve been in this business for about 40 years. At first, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to stay in the restaurant business, because my first night I only made $5. But I learned to love it. It’s really exciting to me.

Q: What do you enjoy most about running a restaurant?
CB: What I like is that I can do a million different things, and I can watch people walk out happy. We’re in the immediate fix-it business. If something’s wrong, we should be able to fix it right away, especially if it’s a service or food related issue.

Q. How do you deal with family members and/or other partners in the business?
CB: If you’re dealing with partners or family who’s involved in the business, it’s important that everyone knows their responsibility and does it. It’s when people aren’t sticking to their jobs that the arguments start. My responsibility is not in the kitchen, and I don’t have much of a say there, though I may give my opinion.

Q. What advice do you have for new or potential restaurant owners?
CB: You have to pay attention to every little aspect, and labor is the first thing to pay attention to. It’s all about how you treat the employees, and how you pay them. There’s no question that talent is very tough to find, whether it’s for management, servers, kitchen staff or chefs. If you have someone who’s worked well for you a year or two, your goal is to keep them. If it’s an extra quarter an hour you have to give them, that quarter will save you thousands of dollars. ■

Feature image is of the restaurant Noble Fin and owner Cliff Bramble.
Restaurant photography by Photo by Cindi Fortmann

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